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Have you seen my camp???

Hey kids- Sauter in the house. Here I am, eating an apple, preparing for the gym and a general day of laziness (Spring break starts today but I don't leave til tomorrow but everyone else it's pretty lonely, i'll probably just watch movies and drink alone, typical practice for the kid). I miss camp and kind of wish I could come back and counsel this year but I have to get a real job (just kidding, being a counselor is a hard job!). Hope all is cool with ya'll. I've been chillin with former campah Emily McCabe- we eat a lot together and are in cello ensemble together. Aight- well I should get back to reading Trollope, writing a paper, working on a travel piece I promised for the
local paper, and finishing up my senior thesis on rail travel.
Peace my children!
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It's funny that you just posted because I just wrote a post about NEMC, which I haven't done forever. If you go to the website you can see the video they made that year, and it's like all these people I remember and forgot about.

I remember you - this is Becky Lipsitz. Not sure that you remember who I am, but it's not that important.

Good luck on your thesis!
hola, its kat from gbyso camp as well
hi :D this is sarah the flute/picc (we were at camp together in aug 2000, but i don't know if u remember me-if not, mccabe does:) i wanted to be a counselor too, but i missed the application deadline! for this summer, i'm going to be a counselor at the music institute (nhsmi) at northwestern, but next summer, you'll hopefully be seeing me in sidney, maine!!
Sauter! I still hate drama! Although I've gotten better at improv games. Ha.
And drama still hates you
sauter sauter sauter!
it's zoe. i don't have anything else to say, except that i was looking at sharps and flats the other days and you said that lydia, julie, and my room smelled like old noodles. i'm offended. whatever, it's not gonna stop me from adding you to my FRIENDS LIST!.