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new england music camp
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New England Music Camp is the most amazing place on earth. It's a summer paradise hidden away in the Maine wilderness, where, for a month or two, the 150 or so lucky campers can forget that there's a real world outside. We love it more than anything.

NEMC In A Nutshell
You ask what it's like and I say it's a giggle, a tear, a hug and a kiss. Curled in a whimpering rocking chair, it's a scorching cup of hot chocolate in your pjs in the fresh crispness of the frosty morning hour. It revolves around a bleak metal pole, surrounded with clusters of sleepy heads squinting in the brilliant sunlight. It's a hundred grilled cheeses, egg rolls, trips to the kitchen with a newly emptied tray. I say it's a jog on a steamy afternoon where you can hear only the moisture tapping heavily on your wearied shoulders. Scratchy sand between your toes on your polka-dotted flip flops it's a splash of shimmering icy lake water, sending a chill through your sizzling arms. It's an itchy green hill; we're gonna roll down it 'til we're so dizzy we can't separate sky from grass, gonna laugh 'til our sides ache so bad we can't laugh another giggle. It's a comfy arm around your shoulder under a trillion twinkling stars in the deep night sky, telling you that this is what it's all about. I say it's a sonata under the glowing moonlight, a waltz through the undulating darkness. Sitting on a dusty wooden floor, it's a gooey chocolate bar in the heart of the night, when all is silent but the beckoning of the loons. You say crazy, and I say it's wonderful.
-Emily Frank

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