aclassact (aclassact) wrote in nemc,

I say we invade NEMC

Sauter here...sitting in bed in my basement studio apartment in rural New York state...yes, the real world is not as glam as the TV shows would have you believe. I get to watch about 10 little league games today seeing as I am now a two-bit sportswriter (although I'm praying for rain).
But...I am planning a Westport bus/Boston bus style invasion to NEMC on July 9 for a day. My adorable Jetta fits about four comfy and I'm sure seeing as you guys aren't 15 anymore as I remember you being...I'm pretty sure you have cars of your own. So, I say we meet in Boston somewhere on July 9 at about 8 a.m. or so and then caravan up to NEMC for a little concert, a little Big G's...a little of everything.
So, show your support and let me know who's up for a day trip. Oh and we have to go to Gifford's too. I am craving the moose tracks.
I was going through my stuff at home and found an old first rec drama attendence sheet from 2003. It was quite the group of riffraff let me tell you.
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