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CHRIST noone's posted to this thing in AGES.

I have a proposition to make, and though this is primarily directed to those in the Boston Area, anyone is welcome.

Oh yes, this is Ben Reynolds. July '01 '02, Full '03.

Seeing as how time refuses to do as I bid and remain still, I am getting older, and my friends from camp along with me. I believe no less than five of my old NEMC friends are going to be counselors this coming year.

I would would like to visit them, at least once. The problem with this is that I leave for a theater gig on June 28th, while NEMC doesn't even open until the 25th. That said, I'm going to go visit at some horribly inconvenient time, either the 26th or 27th, as a day trip.

Anyone wanting to carpool is welcome aboard, I drive a mini-van, so unless more than seventeen of you want in, there'll be enough space.

For your consideration, the 26th is the square dance, while the 27th is camper games. Let your opinions be heard!

Cheers all, and if I knew you, I miss you.
- Ben
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