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[18 Aug 2006|09:48am]

I just realized I still have this cactus a bunch of us bought at Wal-Mart in August '03 and took to Banquet. It's just chilling outside my house. Oh, NEMC.

How's everyone doing?

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I say we invade NEMC [26 May 2006|11:46am]

[ mood | excited ]

Sauter here...sitting in bed in my basement studio apartment in rural New York state...yes, the real world is not as glam as the TV shows would have you believe. I get to watch about 10 little league games today seeing as I am now a two-bit sportswriter (although I'm praying for rain).
But...I am planning a Westport bus/Boston bus style invasion to NEMC on July 9 for a day. My adorable Jetta fits about four comfy and I'm sure seeing as you guys aren't 15 anymore as I remember you being...I'm pretty sure you have cars of your own. So, I say we meet in Boston somewhere on July 9 at about 8 a.m. or so and then caravan up to NEMC for a little concert, a little Big G's...a little of everything.
So, show your support and let me know who's up for a day trip. Oh and we have to go to Gifford's too. I am craving the moose tracks.
I was going through my stuff at home and found an old first rec drama attendence sheet from 2003. It was quite the group of riffraff let me tell you.

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CHRIST noone's posted to this thing in AGES. [26 May 2006|12:34am]

[ mood | Slightly nostalgic... *sniff* ]

I have a proposition to make, and though this is primarily directed to those in the Boston Area, anyone is welcome.

Oh yes, this is Ben Reynolds. July '01 '02, Full '03.

Seeing as how time refuses to do as I bid and remain still, I am getting older, and my friends from camp along with me. I believe no less than five of my old NEMC friends are going to be counselors this coming year.

I would would like to visit them, at least once. The problem with this is that I leave for a theater gig on June 28th, while NEMC doesn't even open until the 25th. That said, I'm going to go visit at some horribly inconvenient time, either the 26th or 27th, as a day trip.

Anyone wanting to carpool is welcome aboard, I drive a mini-van, so unless more than seventeen of you want in, there'll be enough space.

For your consideration, the 26th is the square dance, while the 27th is camper games. Let your opinions be heard!

Cheers all, and if I knew you, I miss you.
- Ben

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[18 Nov 2005|08:48pm]

hey guys,

i just wanted to let you all know that i miss you terribly! working with you guys made up some of my happiest moments. i'm really sad that i can't go back this summer, but i want you all to keep on going and make the place just as wonderful as it is in my memories.


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One Tin Soldier [11 Sep 2005|01:11am]
I just downloaded Peter, Paul & Mary's version of "One Tin Soldier" from LimeWire. It's way overproduced with a snare drum intro, flutes, horns and strings and a backup choir "ahh"-ing all the way through.

I got it because it was always my favorite song at NEMC campfires, and I have to say I still prefer a couple guitars accompanying 200 gently harmonized voices wafting into the night sky over this crap.

What a disappointment.
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Is it just me? [24 Aug 2005|02:31pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey, its Jill M. from August 2001-2004....this was my first summer not going to nemc in what seems like forever. Is it weird for any of you other Alumns not to have to organize your summer around an entire month of being away in Maine? I was a counselor this summer at a camp, and every once in awhile during August, I'd be like "Wow, it's 9:30, I'd be in Gregorian's orchestra right now....damn..." It was so bizarre not being there. I visited camp the second weekend, with Tony Serio and Zack Nestle-Patt, and we probabyl knew, like, 10 people there. It was nuts. It was kinda like looking at something through a TV screen. We couldn't really reach out to what we loved and cherished. I felt so out of place. I almost feel like NEMC was just a dream and never really happened. Does anyone else ever feel like that? I feel so old...

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Yay for PICS! [24 Aug 2005|01:04am]
Hey guys! I just got all my pics up so have fun!
I miss camp so much it's ridiculous!
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Pictures, anyone? [07 Aug 2005|05:20pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Hey guys! It's Meredith B, and I got up my pictures a while ago, but here's the link if you're intersted in seeing all of the cool July 05 session junk I took pics of ^_^.. I miss everyone.. *le sigh*.. Well, tell me what you think of el pictures.. 2dles!


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camp rocks [01 Aug 2005|11:16am]

This was my first year at NEMC, and it was soooooo much fun. yeah. i miss everyone tons. go Up Dorm!
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[25 Jul 2005|09:46pm]

sooo, july nemc '05 was the best session evar. thanks to everyone who made it great. sault wins.
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[25 Jul 2005|03:22pm]

I miss you guys so much.

up dorm july 2005 (and 2004)
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Well doesnt this just go back to the good ol' days [27 Apr 2005|08:15pm]

I was sifting through some papers and I came across a big yellow sheet with lots and lots of addresses and screennames. Not to far behind, pages of quotes jotted down the summer of 03'. So I put two and two together and wind up finding this site.

Its Zach. Zach LeClair. Kinda tall, kinda blonde, I think I played clarinet back in the day. I know most of the screen names are outdated, but I dont recognize the lj users either.

So hi everybody. And all that jazz.
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nemc siting! [20 Apr 2005|10:21pm]

So I was just in Wisconsin looking at Lawrence University, and I hung out with Stephen Girard and Sarah Wheeler, looking at Stephen's 23570078256 pictures from NEMC on his computer and remeniscing. You know you're jealous (of how I can't spell remeniscing).


oh, and ps: The info page for this community looks horribly outdated to me, and I'm the queen of unoriginality, so if you have any suggestions for any changes to be made to the interests, bio, background, etc, post post post 'em! Thanks, kids.
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hola [24 Mar 2005|04:18pm]

hey, its Kat T. from august 2004
I just go the newsletter and i'm so sad that the counslers from wade aren't going to be here this year :'(
i'm going full seasson this year, oh yeah^^
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Have you seen my camp??? [24 Mar 2005|11:09am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hey kids- Sauter in the house. Here I am, eating an apple, preparing for the gym and a general day of laziness (Spring break starts today but I don't leave til tomorrow but everyone else left...so it's pretty lonely, i'll probably just watch movies and drink alone, typical practice for the kid). I miss camp and kind of wish I could come back and counsel this year but I have to get a real job (just kidding, being a counselor is a hard job!). Hope all is cool with ya'll. I've been chillin with former campah Emily McCabe- we eat a lot together and are in cello ensemble together. Aight- well I should get back to reading Trollope, writing a paper, working on a travel piece I promised for the
local paper, and finishing up my senior thesis on rail travel.
Peace my children!

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July '00-'03 [11 Feb 2005|10:26pm]

Hey guys it't me Grace! For those of you who don't remember me I was a really tall blonde girl... wait I still am a really tall blonde girl... but that is beside the point. I'm about to start Spring semester of my Freshman year of Hartwick College and am quite content. I just finished a performance of Godspell which was fantastic. Not too much else to say, I just wanted to say hello and catch up with everyone!
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7th Week Syndrome [11 Feb 2005|09:20pm]

Why hello... I was very happy to find a community for NEMC (and it's maintained by my good friend Boom Boom, and she never told me...) so I figured I'd say hello and all that jazz.

Hello. All that jazz.Collapse )

I guess maybe I'll go watch "The Untouchables," a great flick, if you wanna relax (if you haven't seen it, you don't get how sarcastic that is).
Ta ta.

~Tom Shoe
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[10 Feb 2005|12:40pm]

hey guys its will from july '04 (i know, groan) lol. anyways im in north carolina right now at the north carolina school of the arts, hence avoiding all the snow new england is getting right now (laughs in your face). i feel kinda guilty because im not going back nemc this year. if anyone wants to know, this is because i suck and would rather take the summer off. in case anybody was wondering what the relevance of this entry was, there is none, so i will shut up and go away now.

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For sarah, as promised: Sexy Joakim [27 Jan 2005|03:56pm]

This one time, at band camp...Collapse )
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NEMC Photos [25 Jan 2005|09:45pm]


hey guys!

I have this hot pic I've wanted to share of Joakim and Steve... but I can't find it at the moment. (Sorry Sarah!)  And my scanner hates me, so it probably wouldn't have worked anyways. 

So until I can do it at school you'll just have to settle for Mike Stewart (aka Bobo).

<3 <3


Bobo!Collapse )

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